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Hi! Thank you for checking out my work.

I'm a traditionally trained Graphic Designer. I went to college in Philadelphia, PA after falling in love with graphic design in a school in the Philippines where I grew up. I watched a lot of anime and read a lot of manga which made me want to try to make a career out of being able to draw. In Art School (University of the Arts) besides drawing letters, painting on sketchbooks and newsprint I focused on interactive media, mostly digital, mostly in Actionscript. I learned to code from creating digital solutions to design problems.

I've primarily worked at botique design studios and startups. I attribute designing in tech now from a project in school where I plotted to design a programmable news network that integrated with a users' cable box. A user would be able to select to view the weather, traffic and types of news in a dashboard interface. It was inspired by people's morning routines and need of information while multi-tasking, getting ready for work or school. It was a practical challenge that I thought needed attention. I've applied that challenge since to problems I face at work. To tasks that can be made easier through technology and delightful user experiences.

I have worked with amazing teams of engineers, product managers and designers. During the night that the redesigned Patch sites first went live (there were hundreds) we were huddled in a room until past midnight. A couple engineers and I added an easter egg in the sites so that when a user clicked on a specific link in the footer it would launch a credits roll with the team's illustrated avatars and dubbed titles. When we each saw our names and avatars come up on the large screens we all got excited. It reminded us of the hard work, long nights and months we all spent designing, building, launching the redesign and how much it made us all into an incredible team and very good friends.

If you'd like to get a hold of me please reach me through the following:
~ email:
~ linkedin: marieazcueta
~ twitter: marieazcueta
~ instagram: blarghie

Here is my resumé. If you like my work, let's talk. If you'd like to talk to people I've worked for for proof that I do great work please get a hold of me via the info I've provided above.